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Correct Exercise Is More Important Than Just Any Exercise

Exercise Level
The best training to improve your general fitness is properly efficient, not too heavy and not too easy. It's good to sweat while working out, but important still to be able to talk comfortably e.g. while jogging. This type of exercise is called aerobic or endurance exercise and your body produces the required energy by burning body fat with the aid of oxygen. This leads to a reduction in fat tissue. As Hippocrates stated a long time ago: "Exercise should first be light, gradually increasing, gently warming and not too straining. Exercising should to a great extent be natural and there should be plenty of it; heavy exercise should be practised sparingly and only when necessary".

No matter what your goal, you'll get the best results by training at the right level of effort, and the best measure is your own pulse. First find your maximum pulse, i.e. where the rate doesn't increase with added effort.

Measuring maximum pulse rate
If you don't know your pulse rate, please use this formula as a guide. Women: 226-age=max pulse rate
Men: 220-age=max pulse rate

These are average values and the maximum varies from person to person. The maximum pulse rate diminishes on average by one point per year. If you belong to one off the risk groups mentioned earlier in this guide, ask a doctor to measure your maximum pulse for you.

We have defined three different pulse zones to help you with targeted training. Nearly all Tunturi fitness equipment offers telemetric heart rate measurement to keep your exercise pulse on track within the right limits. If your equipment lacks this feature, you can measure exercise pulse on e.g. your wrist or neck vein. Count the beats for 30 seconds after a few minutes' exercise and multiply the result by two.

50%-60% of maximum heart rate
This level is also suitable for weight-watchers, convalescents and those who haven't exercised for a long time. Three sessions a week of at least a half-hour is recommended. As your condition improves, you can train for an hour at a time. Regular exercise considerably improves beginners' respiratory and circulatory performance and you will quickly feel your improvement. Weight-loss exercise ideal for metabolising fats at this level must be low tempo and long-duration, and at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week.


60%-70% of maximum heart rate
This level is perfect for improving and maintaining fitness. Even reasonable effort develops the heart and lungs effectively, training for a minimum of 30 minutes at least three times a week. To improve your condition still further, increase either frequency or effort, but not both at the same time! Training at this level is ideal for building endurance fitness.

Weight-watchers will also benefit at this level, once fit enough to train for longer periods.

Active Trainer
70%-80% of maximum heart rate
Exercise at this level suits only the fittest and presupposes long-endurance workouts.

The table shows the maximum pulse rates for people of different ages and recommended pulse zones, especially for weight-watchers and endurance training.

Max. Pulse
    50%-60% max. 60%-70% max
20+ 200 100-120 120-140
30+ 190 95-115 115-135
40+ 180 90-110 110-125
50+ 170 85-100 100-120
60+ 160 80-95 95-110
70+ 150 75-90 90-105

Rest is as important as exercise in a fitness programme. If you for instance exercise conscientiously for three weeks, it's good to make the following week a little lighter. Proper exercise prolongs life and helps you enjoy what you have.

Remember to stretch befoer and after exercising. It helps to keep your muscles and ligaments flexible, avoid strains and injuries and releases tension. Do the movements slowly and repeat two to five times both sides.

  Side and upper back muscles
Stand in a narrow straddle, raise your hands and bend your body to the sides and slightly forward. Grip the wrist of the top hand with the other for more effect. You'll feel the stretch at the side and in the upper back.
  Front thigh muscles
Grip your ankle and pull the heel towards the buttocks. Support yourself e.g. against a wall if needed. Keep your body straight and the knee towards the ground. Feel the stretch at teh front of the thigh.
  Thigh and hip flexors
Take a long step forward and push your hips forward, holding your upper body stright and the back leg stretched. Feel the stretch around your hips and the front of the thigh.
  The back of the thigh
Take a good step forward and stretch your knee straight. The back leg remains bent at the knee. Push the upper body towards the front leg. Keep the small of the back straight. You'll feel the stretch at the back of the thigh.
  Thigh abductors
Hold one leg straight and bend the other to the side, keeping your weight on the bent leg. Be careful not to twist your knee.
Take a step forward and lean your body forward keeping it straight. Support yourself e.g. against a wall. Keep the straight leg's heel on the ground. Push your hips forward to feel the stretch in your calves.

How best to motivate yourself to continue?
It's easy to start exercising and even easier to stop! In order to reach the goals you have set, you'll need to keep finding the motivation to continue so you achieve your ultimate goal: life-long health and a new quality of living.

So remember:

  • Choose exercise equipment you're really interested in and with which it's practical to exercise
  • Set yourself realistic targets
  • Progress step by step according to your schedule
  • Keep a fitness diary and write down your progress e.g. weight, pulse rate, exercise kilometres, time and how you feel generally
  • Change your way of exercising from time to time
  • Use your imagination
  • Learn self-discipline
  • Exercise together with friends or workmates

You know yourself best so find the motivation from inside. Don't make exercisign too big an issue and your first goal is simply to make a habit of getting exercise.

Only when regular exercise feels natural should you set fresh goals.