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The majorityof people do sedentary work and travel about mostly by car. As physical mobility has decreased, systematic exercise and targeted training have become the principal means for improving our condition.

In modern life, fitness means at least the ability to cope with everyday physical tasks without overstraining oneself. That you have the energy to succeed in your daily work and pursue leisure activities, and can also cope with stressful situations - both mental and physical. Sound physical condition is the cornerstone of health.

When you're fit, your circulatory and respiratory organs are in good condition and your muscles are more supple. Fitness is an integral part of our quality of life and comprises physical, mental and social performance. And physical performance is a primary basis for maintaining mental and social activity. Being fit feels good and it really shows!

It has been proved beyond doubt that exercise has a great many benefits. We now know that it:

  • increases your capacity to work and tolerance to stress
  • improves your ability to concentrate and builds self-confidence
  • promotes normal and healthy feelings of fatigue at the right times and helps you to sleep better
  • slows the effects of ageing
  • raises your general level of activity
  • helps in maintaining social relations
  • supports efficient functioning of the respiratory organs, circulatory system and heart; blood pressure stabilises, the level of benign cholesterol rises and the risk of heart disease diminishes
  • helps you maintain your blood sugar balance and avoid diabetes
  • means joints remain supple and muscles become stronger; back pain is often eradicated through strong back and stomach muscles
  • strengthens bone tissue, keeps muscles in good condition and diminishes the risk of osteoperosis
  • regular exercise helps you both control your weight and lose it
  • improves and stabilises digestion

It's easy to make a preliminary analysis of your fitness level. Answer the following questions honestly and you'll have a fairly reliable guide to your condition:

  • Do you avoid walking and even light exertion?
  • Do you get tired and out of breath easily?
  • Do yo always take the lift rather than the stairs?
  • Do you weigh more than you should?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it's time to start training!

And remember that exercise is like food and sleep - we need it regularly. Schedule your programme properly and exercising is not a burden but something to enjoy, like a delicious meal or a good night's sleep.