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To our readers,

In putting this guide together, we have been greatly helped by Finland's leading physical education research experts. Tunturi particularly wishes to thank Tero Viljanen, Director of the Paavo Nurmi Institute, and Research Director Pekka Oja from the UKK Institute.

Because you have the right to know, people at Tunturipyora Oy have summarised their business idea as follows:

Tunturi creates new, innovative and motivating solutions for active health, mobility and exercise, that raise our quality of life and respect environmental needs.

So our task is to help you exercise correctly and feel good. A creditable and motivating goal, we think you'll agree.

We strive daily to reach our goal by developing even higher-quality exercise equipment. We want the wheels to keep rolling, people to use their own energy as much as possible and so create more energy for themselves and others.

The more a person uses their own energy, the less strain we put on mother nature.

Simple, beautiful - and true.